Sessions at an unconference like Culture Camp are proposed and voted on by the participants.

Proposed Topics:

While the actual schedule is determined at the unconference, we know people like to have a framework to get the ideas flowing right away!

Have an idea for a session? Start thinking about it now. Everyone has something to contribute, you don’t have to be an expert to propose a session!

Here are some ideas to get your started. The below sessions are ideas from Culture Camp 2015 participants and sessions from past Culture Camp events. They are not guaranteed to be the topics, and the day is not limited to the sessions listed in any way.

  • Who can change a culture?
  • Designing Open Projects
  • How the Sharing Economy Impacts Employee Collaboration
  • Hiring and Job Seeking for Culture Fit
  • Empowering Teams to Define Their Own Rules
  • Fostering Team Spirit and Collaboration Among Remote Teams
  • Does more structure help or hinder good culture development in evolving start-ups?
  • Workshop: Hands-On Innovation
  • Beyond Unlimited Vacation
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Separating Success from Happiness

Guidelines & Suggestions:

As you are thinking about sessions you may want to host or attend, there are some guidelines and suggestions from past Culture Camp DC events.

  • Sessions are NOT for selling your product, your service, or yourself (e.g. consultants and recruiters). Everyone is here to learn and share, not to hear a sales pitch.
  • Handing out materials that are relevant to the session is fine. Handing out marketing brochures is not. If you’d like to reach our participants for marketing purposes, consider becoming a sponsor.
  • We believe connecting with people matters.  As such, sessions with space for interactivity and discussion are popular with participants.
  • Feel free to introduce yourself in the beginning of your session, what you do, and your passion for culture.
  • Contact the Culture Camp team if you have any questions about what is and is not appropriate.

Fun Formats:

You can structure a session however you wish, here are a few formats that have worked well.

  • Town Hall: The leader offers a short presentation and opens the floor for expansion, comment, questions and general discussion.
  • Roundtable: The leader offers an open-ended question or premise, and facilitates a discussion with the participants.
  • Workshop: In this format, the audience is actively involved in an exercise or technique or process which has been presented by the session leader.
  • Panel: This format has several people qualified to talk about the subject of the session, preferably from diverse or even counterpoint perspectives or roles. A moderator facilitates questions from the audience or a series of prepared questions for the panelists, but a significant part of the session is still interactive Q&A with the audience.
  • Ask the Expert: This format is most successful with a recognized authority on a subject of wide interest, or a direct participant in some particularly interesting event or phenomenon. The expert or a moderator introduces the topic and frames some appropriate discussion, and then opens the floor for questions.
  • Presentation: This traditional one-directional delivery is less popular among the Culture Camp community, there are some exceptional topics and presenters who can make this work. Should you chose presentation, please make it clear to attendees this is the format.


Shortly, we’ll be putting up a way for you to “propose” sessions to see if it might be something others are interested in. Again, it’s an unconference, so we’ll figure out the specifics during the conference, but it may inspire a few ideas in that noggin of yours.