We love organizational culture, positive psychology, brain hacks, cognitive biases, and building incredible teams...

... so we’re bringing together a high concentration of awesome people who want to intentionally grow great cultures in their organizations. We believe that when culture improves, everyone benefits.

We believe:

Connecting with people matters.
The best part of most conferences is the hallway conversations between (and sometimes during) sessions. This conference is all hallway conversations, except they happen in rooms.

Every person participates, and everyone can impact culture.
We provide the space, you set the agenda, and we all get to learn from each other is small group discussions.

Everyone benefits from sharing.
Each of us learns more by openly exchanging information and experiences through collaboration, discussion and dialogue.

Great culture requires integrity.
There is more than one way to grow a great culture, but all cultures are built on integrity and honesty.

Great culture leads to greater things for more people.
Good organizations are realizing that culture moves the needle.

People had a great time at the last unconference:

People loved it just as much as we loved putting it on. This year will be just as great!

We’re still ironing out the marvelous details, but here’s what we can share so far:

April 29, 2015

OpenGov Hub
1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, DC
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9:00am Breakfast & Casual Meet and Greet
9:30am Opening Remarks
10–10:45am Session #1
11–11:45am Session #2
12–1:00pm Lunch - Continue the great conversations as we set you free on DC for lunch. (Lunch not included but we have some great recommendations!)
1:15–2:00pm Session #3
2:15–3:00pm Session #4
3:15–4:15pm *Mega* Session #5
4:30pm Wrap-up
5:00pm Happy Hour begins

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Sponsored by:

Munk Pack

Registration is now open. Sign up before March 30th for early bird pricing. As Professor Oak would say, "The early bird gets the worm or, in this case, the Pokemon."

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